A family Affair

Welcome to the Domaine de Manon.

The Domaine is located in Grasse, the Perfume Capital of the World.

Our family has grown perfume plants since the 1930s, keeping alive age-old savoir-faire on lands that are the most favorable for the plants’ growth and quality.

Our grandparents, after initially picking flowers for others, acquired the land that today forms the Manon estate.









Then our grandparents passed their passion, tools, and skills on to our parents, who, in turn, continued to make their own improvements in method and medium, while honoring the savoir-faire of generations past and the land so nurturing for our flowers.








We, the third generation, are immensely proud to carry on the tradition, writing the future history of the Domaine.
We practice our trade with passion under the gentle, watchful eye of our elders, adding our own dimension to our work: growing perfume plants while vigilantly respecting the environment.